Community CPR Programs

A healthy community is a responsibility we each share. Responding to the needs of one another is a rich heritage found in the veins of this community. It is shown repeatedly in communities that have a health minded population there are also an increased number of citizens that are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 

CPR Crash Course.This program gives a brief overview of CPR and what to do in case of emergency.  Though not meant to substitute learning the lifesaving skills of CPR, participants receive information to promote response to emergencies they may encounter and identified actions that each of us should be confident in initiating.

All were encouraged to learn CPR, review CPR skills frequently and to initiate emergency response (911) immediately. Prevention of emergencies in children, identifying choking and use of an automatic defibrillator are some of the topics reviewed. Each participant gets the opportunity to work with mannequins used for CPR practice, and the opportunity to apply and use an automatic electronic defibrillator simulator. 

For more information about bringing a CPR Crash Course to your organization or club meeting or to receive information for hosting a CPR class contact Smoky Mountain Wellness at or 865-803-8887.
Community Blood Pressure Assessments
High blood pressure is the silent killer. Regular blood pressure assessment reduces health care cost through early intervention before disability occurs.

This program provides blood pressure assessments on scheduled basis.

Each worksite visit will include health education information for the individual to take with them.Contact Smoky Mountain Wellness to set up weekly, monthly or annual Blood Pressure Screening for you and your employees.

Blood Pressure Health Break Checks at Work Today.

Smoky Mountain Wellness
P.O. Box 1020
Alcoa, TN 37777

Email Donna Dixon with any questions regarding programming.

Health Break Education

Smoky Mountain Wellness hosted the Harvesting Wellness booth beginning in 2009. Many visitors come in year after year. 

The Maryville Farmers market is a great place to get local, support local producers of every thing from produce in season but also yarns, honey soaps and beautiful flowers for the season.

​Keep the Maryville Farmers Market on your Saturday morning rounds.Supporters that share the booth in included; the Foot Hills Striders, Maryville Fire Department, Keep Blount Beautiful, The Arthritis Foundation, The Tennessee Wanderers Walking Club.

The Wellness plans for the future will begin with a children's helmet give away from ETCH.

More community organizations will be joining soon.

Community Health education is important.

​Please let us know if you are ready to host a CPR Class or if you would like to keep in touch with the Walk With Ease Program.